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1. THE EXPECTED ARRIVAL TIME AFTER DEPARTURE is using 5 working days to the door, however in some unforeseen circumstances like airline delays or cancellations of flights, customs checks but we will surely keep you updated.

2. Customs checks, seizures or destruction of goods are solely the duty of customs of destination as we do not interfere with any government agencies and as such, we won’t be held liable for any loss incurred as we ship at owners’ risk.

3. We do not have rights over whatever customs or government agencies of any destination countries do, they reserve the full rights to open, check, inspect goods upon arrival in destination countries, this usually results in tampering with our packaging and we won’t be held liable for how goods are received, as we will process the goods to clients as received from customs. We will not open boxes or repackage goods to avoid been accused of stealing or tampering with customers goods.

4. The results of inspection of government agencies such as tampering with goods, removing anything from the boxes, or seizing of goods is strictly at owners risk as we will not be held liable for replacing, or refunding any part of either worth of goods or shipping fees.

5 .You are advised to track and follow up on your delivery once you receive your goods, as it’s not our duty to track your shipment. Please kindly note that after two attempts(specifically for I-JK clients) to deliver, you will either pick up at our partner courier depot or pay for another delivery attempt.

6. Please kindly note that government policies of destination countries are subject to change at any given time without prior notice even after we have accepted and shipped and as such, we won’t be held liable for seizure or destruction of such commodities.

7. Custom clearance of goods at any port are solely the job of customs as we do not interfere on how fast or slow it’s done. Therefore any demurrage incurred after free days for the services rendered will be duly paid by clients.

By continuing with our services, you have read and agreed to our shipping terms and conditions. Thank you for using our services.

We pledge to continue offering excellent services to you. We are because of you.